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Registration and Enrollment

Welcome to Central Registration

New families may register at the Central Registration Office, located at:
Newfane Early Childhood Center 
6048 Godfrey Road 
Burt, NY 14028

Summer Hours:  8:00 to 3:00 Monday to Thursday

Registration - BY APPOINTMENT - Contact 778-6351 and leave a detailed message
Please find below a checklist of required registration information and registration forms.
For your convenience, registration forms can be printed and completed prior to visiting the office.

We accept registration documents in the following ways:

email at:
Secure drop box in front of Newfane Early Childhood Center (address above)
In person:  bring documents to NECC and make copies if necessary (call first)
United States Postal Service - mail the completed forms, send to 6048 Godfrey Road, Burt, NY 14028

In order to efficiently process your registration please come prepared with the following documentation:


Identity Proof:

Driver's license or other official picture ID of parent/guardian

Relationship Proof:

Birth Certificate, Guardianship or Custody paperwork
DSS-29-99 from Social Services (if appropriate)

Proof of Legal Residence:

A legal residence is where a parent/guardian is registered to vote and where permanent residency is established.
Forms of acceptable proof are:  a tax bill, bank statement, cable bill, utility bill in your name with the current address or a rent/mortgage agreement.
Passport and related documents (for exchange students) - note:  prior approval of any exchange student must be done at the building level.