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Tax Bill Information

View or print your tax bills online!

Contact your assessor for: STAR exemptions, assessment and equalization rates, address changes, and escrow changes.

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Assessor Information

  • Town of Lockport ~ (716) 439-9526

  • Town of Cambria ~ (716) 433-7664

  • Town of Wilson ~ (716) 751-6705

  • Town of Newfane ~ (716) 778-8822


Link To View and Print Tax Receipts

Click Here to view or print tax bills or receipts - please refer to FAQs for more instructions.

  • username:  publicncsd

  • password:  publicncsd

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes.  We have an online credit card payment site. 

    Please note:  there is a 3rd party courtesy fee applied at the time of payment.  No credit card payments accepted at bank locations.

  • Newfane, Lockport, Wilson and Cambria school taxes not paid by October 31, 2023 will be turned over to Niagara County for payment and will appear on the county tax bill in January.  Contact Niagara County at 716-439-7007 at that time for payment amount and instructions.

  • Please note: Our school tax collector is part-time. Voice messages will be returned within 48 hours. The website is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • Your canceled check serves as your tax receipt.

    You may also use our online website to request a receipt: 

    • Username: publicncsd  
    • Password: publicncsd
    1. Click on Entities  
    2. Enter SBL# or Bill # or Owner  
    3. Enter
    4. Click on “eye” line will highlight in yellow (screen will change)  
    5. Click on Payments 
    6. Click on “eye” line will highlight in yellow (screen will change)
    7. Go up to Reports and print receipts