• Junior Underclassman Scholarships

              -Scholarships are listed by scholarship due dates/deadline!

    Note:  If you are looking for additional scholarships, visit scholarship websites such as fastweb.com, and finaid.org.   Also, check out the following website for unusual scholarships:  Weird Scholarships (by category and also scroll down to the bottom for "101" top weird scholarship list).  Also check out ScholarshipGuidance.com ("find Scholarships") and StudentScholarships.org.  These websites list multiple scholarships throughout the year, each with varying deadline and eligibility guidelines (do not click on the selections in the "AdChoices" panel). Several scholarships listed on some of these websites are for all students or all high school students (not just seniors).
    E-Alert Availability for Students/Parents:  When new scholarships are posted/added to this webpage, you can receive an E-Alert notifying you of this action.  If interested, follow the sign-up instructions- E-Alert Sign-Up.
    Nov. 6 - Prudential Spirit of Community Awards  - Must have volunteered over the past year (after Sept. 1, 2017), be in grades 5-12 and a legal resident.  Complete and submit an online application by Nov. 6, 2018 to the school principal or the head of one of the program's designated organizations.
    Dec. 1 (starts in December) - College Board Opportunity Scholarships - Must be a junior and complete six steps and can be eligible for $500-2000 along the way with a final opportunity to be awarded $40,000!
    Dec. 12 - American Legion Oratorical Contest - Must be a high school student under the age of 20 to participate.  Oratorical contest for speeches on some aspect of the US Constitution and are 8-10 min. in length.  Contest is initially a community/American Legion Post level (just Newfane HS students).  Winners at the post level progress on to the next level and can win scholarship money.  View   NY American Legion Oratorical Contest for more info.  Any questions about the initial or successive contests can be directed to Mr. Paul Leader, email: NewfaneLegion@yahoo.com or pgleader@yahoo.com  or by  phone: (716) 471-0382.
    Mar. 22 - Quest Bridge: College Prep Scholars Program - Program designed to help high achieving juniors, with financial need, get into very selective colleges.  See link brochure for eligibility and application info.
    June 30- Pinnacle Peak Scholarship - Please write an essay telling us what you’re doing to fight or how you plan on fighting issues surrounding substance abuse or addiction. Examples could include your future career path, volunteering for a related cause, or even helping someone you love seek treatment. Winner will receive a $500 tuition scholarship.