4th Grade Resources
These links are provided for your information and convenience.  By clicking on a link you will be leaving the district website.  Please be aware that, while we make every effort to evaluate all the sites to which we link, we cannot endorse nor be responsible for the content provided on those sites.
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  1. Write an Instant Poem
  2. Instant Poetry Forms
  3. Adventures in Reading - Book Adventure
  4. Book Zone - Write your own reviews here!
  5. ELA Practice Activities
  6. Create a Story -It's My Life - PBS
  7. Storytelling Sites
  8. Poetry Sites
  9. Power Proofreading
  10. Writing Fun on the Web
  11. Author's Viewpoint (Oswego)
  12. Acrostic Poem
  13. Letter Generator
  14. Shape Poems
  15. Rhyme Rhythm and Alliteration Game Goo
  16. Image Resources (for Sense Poems)
  17. Persuasion Map
  18. Build Your Wild Self
  19. Making Sentences BBC
  20. Word Central - Dictionary


  1. Math Games
  2. Teach R. Kids Math
  3. I Know That Math Games
  4. Math Magician
  5. Math Test Prep Links
  6. Harcourt Math
  7. Math Game Time 



  1. Animal Links
  2. Bird Links
  3. Electricity Links
  4. Great Plant Escape
  5. How much would you weigh?  Activity 
  6. Journey North
  7. Constellation Guide
  8. Dare to Compare: answer questions and compare your answers to others
  9. World of Energy
  10. Dare to Compare- test yourself



  1. American Symbols - Activity 
  2. American Revolution Research Project
  3. Famous People of the American Revolution
  4. Ben's Guide to  Government for Kids
  5. Colonial America Links  
  6. Erie Canal Websites
  7. Explorers Links - General
  8. Explorers - Biographies



  1. ART SITES for fun and Exploration
  2. Don't Buy It - PBS
  3. Kid's Activity Page
  4. Fourth Grade Skills - Math and Literacy Online Activities
  5. Kid's Hub
  6. Maggie's Adventures from Scholastic